Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Additions

Have you ever seen the show "American Pickers"? A couple of weeks ago I got to experience that.  A friend of a friend of my brother knew a guy who was selling his collection.  So I fueled up the van and paid him a visit.  He was a really nice guy and just let me dig through boxes of cars in his workshop storage.  In all the years I've collected, I've never gotten the opportunity to do this. 
Long story short; I had a blast and found this group.  I would've had fun even if I hadn't found anything.  There was a lot to look at. Some are beaters but a lot are in nice shape although they have been played with.  We agreed on a fair price and now I have to add them to the Museum for your enjoyment.  I know you're excited. :-) 

Happy Hunting!