Thursday, September 26, 2013


2 new additions last week in the form of donations.
The viper came from Alan who has sent me a car before, and a big "Thanks" go out to him. The Thunderbird Stock Car from Revell came from a customer at the shop that I work in.  He found out I was a collector and had this car collecting dust at his house and decided to give it to me.  Nice guy and a "Thanks" goes out to him as well.

The Revell stock car did have a detail that I found funny.  It was still in the original box and when I removed it and flipped it over to take it off the base, there was this sticker warning of the dire consequences I would face if I went any further.

Good Lord I've ruined the model, my present and future enjoyment of it and I'm apparently going to Hell.  Take heed, and please take better care in your endeavors...

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