Sunday, July 22, 2012

100 Posts! Vacation Time!

In case you don't read the Facebook page, I went on a Mini Vacation this week.  I visited a classic car museum which had some really nice cars, stayed in a cabin and of course hunted for new diecast in the city.  This Hot Wheel Troy Soldier attended the BBQ.  Much fun had by all. Ciao!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


One of the new pics I added this week is this very nice Matchbox 1939 Chevy Panel Van from 2001.    It reminds me of a college summer when I worked at a Texaco truck stop.  I never got to drive one of those... or anything for that matter.  

I got to clean bathrooms and showers on a regular basis though. Yep showers.  Every time a trucker rented a shower you had to go in and clean it up for the next guy.  Much summer fun was had chasing random body hairs down the walls to the drain with a carefully aimed shower head so you wouldn't have to get near it.  It was much like today's video games. Well anyhow, enjoy the pictures.